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6 Best India Tours And Trips

6 Best India Tours And Trips

Planning a tour can be demanding. You will need to pack lots of stuff and get some documents ready. You can take care of yourself if it is a solo trip. If, on the other hand, it is a family vacation or with a group of friends, doing the planning alone can be difficult, with plenty of room for error? That is, if you try do all the planning by yourself.

When it becomes paramount to plan with someone else, you need somebody that can be trusted. Besides being trusted, you need someone that knows all the unexplored places that would make a great family vacation. There are great tour and trip agencies that can give you a hand to work through such situations.

Tour Packages In India

Tour Packages In India

Tour and trip agencies help you take care of any problems that may arise when you try to do everything yourself. With the increasing number of hotels offering online reservations, you may be tempted to do it yourself. However, problems like your room not meeting the specifications or being double-booked may arise. Booking through an online agent can save you all the headaches.

A good number of tour operators in India offer an escort and a private car-based trip that are custom-tailored. A local agent will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. The price may differ sharply from one agency to another; here are the best six you can trust when traveling to India.

1. Cox And Kings

Cox and Kings is one of India’s oldest travel agencies. They offer private services as well as dealing with professional travel needs. The company has an option of escorted tours available to a group of up to 25.

2. Wild Frontiers

If you are traveling as a group to India, your best option will be Wild Frontiers. Their small group tour is one of the most interesting with a focus on “village India”. The small group tours are for up to 12 people. They also offer many events that make the trip memorable.

3. Riviera Travel

This tour group supports a group of up to 38. Riviera Travel covers a tour of various cities in India including Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur.

4. Kerala Connections

Kerala Connections is a specialist that focuses on southern India. In its portfolio, there are over 150 hotels, small boutiques and private houses.

5. Audley

The focus of Audley is providing tailored itineraries. It has a small team of more than 20 Indian specialists who work closely with customers to achieve their dream vacation.

6. Club Mahindra Holidays

Club Mahindra Holidays has an amazing offer for members. They have extensive hotels and resorts scattered all over India.

So, there is our list of tours and trip operators offering exclusive services in India. The statistics from the Ministry of Tourism show that there has been an increase of inbound tourists to India and you should expect the number of tour and trip operators to follow suit.


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