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Travelling To India: Ways To Get Your Documentation Right

Travelling To India: Ways To Get Your Documentation Right

First-time travelers are always skeptical about which documents to carry and which ones to leave out. An ardent business traveler can become a first-time vacation traveler . Immigration laws differ from country to country; this makes it extremely important to have a good idea of the requirements of the country you intend to visit.

There are specific requirements when you want to travel to India. It is better to have them in your backpack than having to scamper for a printer or an internet connection to get them. The activities of terrorists globally have made it more difficult to travel to some countries, while in other countries, you may need to provide more documents.

50 Day Holidays In India

50 Day Holidays In India

Foreigners visiting or returning to India will get the India Arrival Card. If you have dutiable goods to declare, you will need customs declaration form. You will need to get the forms completed and ready since you will need them for immigration clearance as soon as you alight from the plane. Before leaving the immigration counter, make sure that your passport is stamped with the correct date.

If you are carrying bulk cash greater than Rs 10 lakh, you will need supporting documents or land in trouble. You will need a photo ID, proof of address, documented evidence indicating the reason for which you are carrying the money (for example, if you are carrying the cash for marriage expenses, keep the invitation card) and a withdrawal receipt. The Election Commission is keeping watch on poll spending. Below are some of the documents that you would need to carry.

1. Passport

A passport is issued by the government of your home country. It contains details which identify you as a legal citizen of the country. A passport has a number that can be tracked from anywhere in the world.

2. Visa

A visa is like an invitation by the host country that permits you to stay in the country for a number of weeks, months or years. There may be some countries which you would not require a visa to visit depending on the bilateral or multilateral relationship existing between your country and the host country. You can use iVisa to see countries that require a visa.

3. Entry permit

This is required by some territories in India. If you have it, make a copy of it.


4. 2×2 Passport Photograph

You will need this to purchase a SIM card, or for staying at some ashram. It is best to keep it handy since you may never know when you will be called upon to provide it.

5. Driver’s License

If you intend to drive, you will need to obtain the local driver’s license.

6. Student ID

If you are in India to study, you will need to show your student ID in some places to get a discount, including museums and movie tickets.

7. Travel Insurance

If you have travel insurance, you need to keep it in your backpack with the relevant phone numbers of whom to contact when it is needed.

Some countries might require you to get an exit card. It is imperative to know the requirements of your destination countries and get all of your documents ready.

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